A Thanksgiving is always written when a person has received special recognition. So there are always occasions that are very special and in which a corresponding number of relatives, friends, acquaintances, business partners and other outsiders participate.


These include, for example, weddings, births, christenings, birthdays, business openings or special anniversaries, as well as, for example, a move, a completed education or a successful thesis.

In addition, a sad reason can be a reason to thank for the experienced help and sympathy, for example, a death, an accident, a disease or a personal crisis. In short, there are many occasions when a thank you is appropriate.

Guidance and ways to write a Thanksgiving

Who wants to write a Thanksgiving, this has different options, of course, always the occasion, for which the gratitude is played a major role.

One way is to thank you by newspaper advertisement.

However, this variant only makes sense if the persons who are grateful for living in the catchment area of ​​the respective newspaper, otherwise they would not reach the thanks.

It is much more personal to write a true thanksgiving.

For such a thank you there are basically no fixed guidelines and no strict guidelines. This means that a thanksgiving does not have to be written and written according to formal guidance, and there are also no specific points that the author needs to learn and consider in this context. Writing a Thanksgiving is really just one rule, namely, a thank-you must have a personal touch.


Which contents are integrated into a Thanksgiving is basically left to the taste of the author. It is quite possible to write a Thanksgiving text and then use it for any Thanksgiving card, but the text should then be supplemented with a few personal words.

The personal words include, for example, a personal salutation and in any case a handwritten signature. In addition, the author may write in his Thanksgiving how he will use the present.

For example, if he wants to thank you for his money, he can tell you which purchases were made possible by this gift of money. If he wishes to thank for an item, he can describe which place of honor the item has received.

The text

The actual text of the thanksgiving can also be written quite differently. For example, it is possible to thank in general for the gifts, congratulations, gestures, help and support.

In addition, the author can create a kind of listing in which he names individual persons and points. Another variant would be a poem, a quote or a beautiful spell, through which the author expresses his gratitude.

There are also some tips on writing acknowledgments that have proven themselves in practice:

So it is usually very welcome, when the Thanksgiving a photo of the occasion is settled, whereby the guests and well-wishers then have a nice memory.

It is also advisable to make a list and note who should receive a thank you. It is extremely embarrassing when it turns out in retrospect that someone has been forgotten. In this context, the author should also think of those who were not present in person at the ceremony, but who nevertheless congratulated or sent a gift.

The usual time frame for a Thanksgiving is around 4 weeks.